Monday, May 01, 2006

My luck with Peaks

The mornings here in Hong Kong have been a little on the foggy side, and Monday morning was no exception. I met Ed in the Executive Lounge at 8am, and the fog looked to be at about 1500 feet. Since it wasn't raining, we decided to hit the peak (1250 feet) anyway and take our chances. Cousin Nick was going to join us, then he was going to go look for a suit and then go to Macau for the day.

The Peak Tram entrance is on the other side of Hong Kong Park from our hotel, so it was only a leisurely ten minute walk. The Tram is great - it was originally built in the 1880s, it's a dual reverse cable system. It costs HK$20 to go one way, or HK$30 (US $4.25) for a round trip. Some people go up on the tram, then take the #15 bus down to Central.

Of course, when we got up there, the fog had dropped... Fortunately, we could still see the bay, and a little bit of the Kowloon side; so we got the general idea. We snapped a few photos, wandered through the shopping center, and found a very nice-looking restuarant called the Peak Lookout. The restaurant had a beautiful view of the harbor. "Had" because the government is in the process of building a six-story tower right between the restaurant and the cliff. Doh! Anyway, we got a card, and if the weather is good we're going to go there for our getaway dinner on Tuesday night.


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