Monday, May 01, 2006

Attacking the Mid-Levels

When we got back to the base of the Peak, Cousin Nick went off to Kowloon, and Ed and I decided to hit the Mid-Levels again, this time from the base. We walked about ten blocks from the tram stop to the base of the escalators.

The ride up took about thirty minutes, and was a lot of fun. Each block we passed over was just slightly different. Some were shopping (Hollywood Road is full of antique stores), some like Staunton were ex-pat bar land, the ones at the top were more purely residential. But all the blocks had residences above the storefronts.

At this point, there wasn't much to do beside walk back down. We got about halfway down, and I called a halt. First off, my knee that I banged up when I fell in Singapore was beginning to hurt from all the stairs. But second, I was drenched in sweat. We flagged a cab, and went back to the Conrad. I went to take a second shower for the day, and I was going to meet Ed in the Lounge to figure out lunch plans.

I'm in the shower, and there's a knock on my door. Now, I had the Do Not Disturb light on, so who could this be? Turns out, it was Nick! He had been successful at Sam's Tailors (where Prince Phillip and Bill Clinton have shopped) and found a suit and shirt combination for US $450. He had to be back for his first fitting of two at 5:30pm, so Macau was out.

I finished cleaning up, we found Ed, and decided to check out the recommendations for the Pacific Place mall. We settled on Ye Shanghai, which was very difficult to find as it was tucked away in a corner of the mall with all the superfancy stores which couldn't be associated with the regular fancy stores. We were shown to a windowside table, and had a delicious lunch. I don't recall having had Shanghaiese food before, and it was a type of cooking which I will have to try and find in Chicago's Chinatown. I ordered a braised lamb dish that was excellent, Nick had a "crispy rice" with chicken and bay shrimp (think a savory bowl of Rice Krispies cereal), and Ed had a beancurd dish and some soup.

Ed and I decided that we wanted gelato from the grocery store in the Pacific Place basement, so Nick took off for some shopping in Kowloon. After the gelato, Ed went back to his room for a brief rest (which ended up being four hours...) and I headed off for my kitchy trip to Stanley.


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