Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sunday Morning Walk - Urban Gardens and Filipino Housekeepers

A quick note while I transfer 150 photos to my computer hard drive before we reconvene for lunch. Ed was up at 5:30, I was up at 6:30, so we ended up meeting in the lounge for breakfast at 7. Cousin Nick kept on sleeping, and had just woken up as we got back. He puttered around the room (and posted below) while Ed and I did a little exploring.

It worked out well, because there was a lot of climbing which I'm not sure Nick's knee would have liked. We took a taxi to Star Ferry - the cabbie gave me back change on my HK$17.4 (US$2.50) fare. We walked from there through City Hall plaza. Sunday is the only day off for most domestic helpers (mostly Filipino) and I think all of them were in the square. We're talking 99% females, all just sitting on benches and on the ground picnic style, extremely orderly, just having fun and socializing. One group was dancing, another group seemed to be doing some religious singing.

From there, we ascended into Hong Kong Park. It's truly amazing, as it's cut into the hillside and juxtaposed against the skyscrapers just blocks away. It turns out that the back of the park exits, of all places, right into the entrance to Pacific Place!! That makes the Conrad a fantastic location even for business travel, as you can get out and get some good exercise between your meetings.

I took a tremendous number of photos. Now that the files finished transfering to my hard drive, I'm going to load some of them into shutterfly, and meet Ed/Nick downstairs for our taxi-ride to lunch at Whampoa Place.


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