Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Raw photos from Tuesday/Wednesday

Shutterfly Photos

These photos are unedited from yesterday and today. The basic order is something along these lines:

- Hong Kong airport
- Singapore airport
- Singapore hotel room
- View from hotel
- Newton MRT (subway) station
- On MRT train
- Chinatown/Pagoda St.
- Chinatown/Chinatown Square
- Chinatown/Hindu Temple
- Chinatown/Islamic Mosque in Chinatown
- Lau Pau Sat hawker center
- Fullerton Hotel and Merllion
- Rainstorm from outside Newton MRT station
- Geylang streets
- No Signboard seafood, Geylang location


Blogger twinkie said...

Sorry to hear about your incident while trying to take the photo of the Merlion - hope your hand is feeling better by now. So how do you like my favorite city to visit? I hope you're enjoying it as much as I do! The photos look great and make me want to go back soon! Glad you enjoyed your dinner at No Signboard and most of the rest of the local cuisine so far! -T-

1:43 PM  

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