Thursday, April 27, 2006

Orchard Road

After Kampong Glam, we took the MRT over to the Orchard Road area.

I don't shop. Cousin Nick shops less than I do.

It's very attractive, and can compete with 5th Avenue, Rodeo Drive, and the Champs- Elysees, but I just couldn't care less. We were out of there in less than an hour.

Having said that, the architecture of several of the buildings were stunning. The selection of stores was awe-inspiring in a "Sex and the City" kind of way. The road itself is great, with towering trees lining both sides of the street right at the curb, and a big broad promenade-style sidewalk for people-watching and being watched - even nicer than Las Ramblas in Barcelona, which is my standard for that kind of thing.

But in the grand scheme of things, you could close your eyes and open them and be in ten other cities in the world. If I had a fourth day, I'd probably spend more time people-watching. But we have more to do...

We're back in the hotel cleaning up, and heading out at 6:40pm to the Night Safari, with the Raffles hotel after that. I might not be online at all on Friday; internet access in the room is S$28 [US$18] for 24 hours), or what lunch cost at Zam Zam. There were several places on Stamford Road with internet access, so I think I'll at least check in for a few minutes. If not, I'll be back Saturday from the hotel in Hong Kong.


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