Monday, April 24, 2006

Mr. Chicken doesn't like us

For those of you who fly United a lot... United has moved almost all of its checkin to "Easy Check-in" or as it's semi-affectionate called by some passengers, "Mr. Chicken." The Business Class line had regular agents, but it also had everybody going to Japan and China on paper tickets, so the line was very long. So we jumped over to the regular frequent flyer line.

And Mr. Chicken got completely confused. See, my cousin and I have the same first and last names, different middle initial. Mr. Chicken couldn't figure out who's ticket was who's, even when I put in my United Mileage Plus number. (That's odd, since why do they ask if they can't validate against it?)

Fortunately, an agent came over and helped us, and now we're in the Red Carpet Club waiting out the last hour before boarding.


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