Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day 1 summary

More later once I find a plug adapter that can do 3-pronged US to 3-pronged UK/Singapore. Highlights and lowlights of the first 18 hours:

1. Chinatown is very interesting. We visited a cool Hindu shrine and a "wet market" with produce and fish.
2. The second dish I had at the Lau Pau Sat hawker market and Nick's first dish were both very good.
3. The touts for businesses are very polite. They don't argue with you if you say you're not interested, and
4. I was upgraded to a nice two-room suite at the Sheraton, and the Sheraton is only a block from the train station.
5. The heat and humidity are doing wonders for my bronchial system.
6. Everything is VERY clean.

1. While photographing a statue of a mythical creature that protects the Singapore River, I managed to miss a step and catch it with the corner of my shoe, go flying forward and land face-down on the concrete. I'll survive, but I have a big bruise on my left hand where the thumb and index finger meet. It's going to be sore for a few days, and i picked up a brace to immobilize the area. (Highlight: it was the same type of Futuro brace which I used when I had some wrist issues a few years ago)
2. The 60% chance of thunderstorms came through, and cut our sightseeing about an hour short.
3. My friend Mark from Flyertalk who is going to school here found out that he has a conflict for dinner Friday night. Hopefully we can reschedule for late on Thursday.
4. The first dish at Lau Pau Sat had an unadvertised egg in the soup. Bleh. Fortunately, I only wasted US$2.50 on it. :)

Anyway, we're off to No Signboard seafood in Geylang for dinner.


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