Saturday, April 29, 2006

Back to Thursday Night: The Night Safari

After resting up from our Kampong Glam walk and lunch at Zam Zam's, we headed out to the Night Safari. The Night Safari is part of the Singapore Zoo, and is possible because of the consistency in temperature and sunlight.

Getting there was incredibly easy: for S$8 (US$5), a shuttle bus picks you up from one of a half-dozen Orchard Road area hotels (including the Sheraton), takes you out to the Safari, and brings you back three hours later. The ride also includes an opportunity to save S$1 on the admission (S$28).

There are three parts to the safari, of which we did two:
- A 30-minute tram ride, with suitably hokey narration for the kids;
- A couple of walking trails, which we skipped as Nick's knee was killing him and I was just a bit tired; and
- A 30-minute animal show, which was a lot of fun.

There's also the obligatory souvenir and food stands (Ben and Jerry's, anyone?). The only downside was the incessant heavy-handed moral messages about conservation. Yes, we get it!! But again, I think for the kids, it's important, so I just shrugged it off.

Zam Zam's was so filling that we never ate dinner. When we got back at 11pm, we headed over to the Newton Food Market. But it's under renovation, and the temporary relocation site required climbing a high flight of stairs in each direction over a highway, so we decided to bag it and go back to the hotel. I dug into my stash of Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds, and called it a night.


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