Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Arrival Hong Kong

We survived the 15.5 hour flight to Hong Kong, and are currently sitting in the Red Carpet Club on our 2.5 hour layover to Singapore. I didn't sleep much, as I had a bit of an upset stomach for the first third of the flight. I probably got about four hours total. Cousin Nick got closer to seven.

Just a few thoughts while we're both a bit dehydrated in the club lounge. We bought two 2L bottles of water each for the flight, but the flight attendant service was rather poor. They made no attempt to do much of anything between the end of the first lunch service and the beginning of the second lunch serice. No water bottles like American does in business, so you had to bother them every time you wanted ten more ounces of water. Also, no diet soda that was caffiene free (in the US, they have Diet Sierra Mist or sometimes Diet 7-Up).

HK Airport is not air-conditioned. That's probably not helping. But we have a table full of 16 oz. bottled waters here, so I suspect we'll be fine in a couple of minutes.

The upper deck of the 747-400 is wonderful. I hate window seats on most planes, but I absolutely fell in love with my seat (16A). It had about 4 extra inches of legroom compared to some of the downstairs seats, but the bigger thing is the ledge and storage bins. The combination makes getting access to your things during the flight insanely easy.


Blogger twinkie said...

You weren't working those FAs before push were you... :P

I don't recall ever seeing a diet 7-up or diet Sierra Mist on UA flights, even domestic - probably something to take note of and perhaps grab a couple bottles from a Watsons/7-11/etc for your flight home if you'll want caffeine free then. OTOH, if you want to guarantee a full water glass during the flight, just be sure to be drinking a Sierra Mist/7-Up...I can't ever get them to stop filling my glass with water then.

Glad you're settled in in SIN and congrats on the suite!

1:46 PM  
Blogger Mrs. V. said...

HK airport no air con? Huh?

10:50 PM  

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