Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Seven weeks to go

Seven weeks from tonight, Cousin Nick and I will be in Singapore. It's our first trip to Asia, and we're both rather excited! We're being joined by two friends of mine from graduate school; Ed is going to meet up with us in Hong Kong and go on to Tokyo with us. Mark is scheduled to meet us in Singapore and spend a couple of days in Hong Kong before flying home. But Mark hasn't been able to buy his tickets yet, so we're not 100% sure about that.

Our basic itinerary is as follows:
- Depart Chicago on a Monday
- Arrive Singapore very late (almost midnight) on Tuesday
- Spend 3 days in Singapore
- Fly to Hong Kong on Saturday morning
- Spend 4 days in Hong Kong (Cousin Nick may go to Macau for a day to get away from me and hit the casinos...)
- Fly to Tokyo on Wednesday morning
- Spend the core of Golden Week in Tokyo (not ideal, but it was that or don't go....)
- Fly home on Sunday afternoon

Is this enough time?? Maybe, maybe not. I think it's enough for Singapore and Hong Kong, but not enough for Tokyo. I expect to just get a taste of Tokyo, enough to want to go back and do more sightseeing. We had originally included Osaka/Kyoto on the plan, but given our airplane tickets we couldn't make it work without a huge increase in fares.